18 Inch 48cm Realistic Reborn Boy Doll

18 Inch 48cm Realistic Reborn Boy Doll

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      • The reborn doll measures Approx 18 inches (48cm) from head to toe, and weights 3.3lbs approximately.
      • The reborn doll was sculpted so realistically in baby soft vinyl to look and feel extremely real to cuddle as your own real baby.
      • Completely hand-drawn nails, redness of the nail bed and translucent nails, and even some nails life milky a half of moon shape.
      • Conforms to the safety requirements of ASTM F963 and EN71 for ages 3+.
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 ZIYIUI reborn dolls so real baby dolls.
We are committed to keeping children’s hearts pure and letting every child in the world have a happy childhood, so we have created reborn dolls..
This reborn baby doll is a perfect doll art designed by an artist..
Baby is so cute, so beautiful At first sight you will fall in love with our beautiful reborn baby dolls. But hold on to your baby and you are sure to fall in love again, because these completely reborn dolls are also weighted so that they feel real in your arms.
Size:18Inch(45cm);Weight:about 1.2KG The doll looks so real with body silicone vinyl,it’s handmade ,will be some error in the size and weight
Type :Silicone vinyl doll
High quality Silicone vinyl, soft and hard vinyl.Head,hands and feet part are silicone materials. The body is cotton body, very soft, very comfortable. Doll’s limbs can be movable and can sit and lie down but can’t stand up,can’t speak.
Note:this doll can not be put into water.
Eyes: high-grade acrylic  eyes   Hair: the eyelashes applied by hand and the hand rooted mohair, You can comb and clean.to achieve the true newborn appearance
This is a baby doll,so the hair is a bit less..
Doll Clothing:Handmade.According to the doll size.The doll will come with the clothes. .
Doll Clothing:Handmade.According to the doll size.The doll will come with the clothes. .
Package includes: Doll * 1, Bottle* 1, Birth certificate*1, Outfit * 1.
Certification: En71 EU standards, which is safe to you and your babies.
Scope of Application:baby toys,treated as a friend to accompany kids to growth together,a Photography Props model,a birthday gifts,Xmas gifts, Alzheimer?s Gifts, Grandpa and Grandma?s gifts,a baby doll for mother-to-be practical training,and a very precious treasure for toy collector,also for Nurturing play,Preschool Acitivity Toys,Indoor&Outdoor Playmate,and Role Playing Dolls

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