How to Wash & Care Reborn Doll Clothes?

To keep the apparel looking great wash after wash, simply follow these easy tips:

Wash & Iron Inside-Out
To lessen fading of your design, turn your shirt inside out before placing it in the washing machine. Do the same when ironing it, if necessary.
Always Use Cold Water
Cold water is gentle on fabric and your design while still being tough when it comes to getting out spots and stains.
Don’t Wash After Every Use
To avoid speeding up the aging process, avoid washing your shirt if it’s mess-free and was only worn for a few hours.
Tumble Dry Low
High heat is the biggest enemy of custom printed shirts. When drying your garment, never set it to the highest heat level.
Wash with Similar Clothes
It’s important to wash your custom style with similar colors to avoid bleeding. Additionally, you may want to consider the fabric too. When you wash shirts with different textures, the fabric may rub together, creating cracks from the friction.
Avoid using bleach, strong deterrents or dry cleaning your custom apparel.
Golden Rule
As always, follow any other care instructions printed on the garment tags too. Care for it, love it and you’ll have the same bright design you’ll be proud to wear for years and years!

Post time: May-05-2021