“If people have judgment, I will ask them to hug him”-How Reborn Dolls Help Women Cope with Anxiety

Rebirth dolls are super realistic dolls that look like real babies, but they are made of vinyl and silicone.
At present, they are used and cared for by many people, mainly women, as if they were a real child.
Women in West Norfolk told Lynn News why they started collecting rebirths, which are named this way because of their realistic qualities.
There are many reasons why women choose to own Reborn dolls. Some women have been struggling to cope after miscarriage or stillbirth, and dolls give them a “baby experience” after trauma.
Ms. Smith said: “They are a great comfort for people with Alzheimer’s disease. I run a baby treatment group called Sheila and Pat, which donates to various nursing homes in the Donham area. Six babies.”
She said: “I was born again for the first time three years ago because I found that my arms felt empty when my son grew up a little bit. I found that they help relieve anxiety.
“If people have judgment or find it weird, I encourage them to hold on to my rebirth, and in all likelihood they will understand why I like them.”
The Reborn group on the social media site Facebook is very popular, and some groups have thousands of members.
A Facebook user said: “I don’t understand, this is not true, it can never replace a real child.”
However, the collectors of Reborns realized that these babies were not real and believed that their benefits were therapeutic.
According to psychiatrist Dr. Gail Saltz: “This behavior can provide probation for those who are dealing with loss, sadness or anxiety.”
55-year-old Lynn’s Elizabeth Yorke has been collecting Reborns for 10 years after her tragic stillbirth in her early 40s.
She has about 12 dolls of different styles and genders, and recently started collecting alternative rebirths. These looks look like popular characters or pop culture icons from TV shows.
Alternative Reborns still contain the qualities of ordinary Reborn dolls, except that they look like baby “Avatars” or vampires.
Mrs. York said: “I never thought that I would become pregnant in my 40s. This shocked me very much-unfortunately, I was stillborn at 34 weeks of pregnancy and was destroyed.
“I watched a documentary about Reborns and decided to pay for Anna-May, which cost 1,000 pounds.
“She is made of high-quality silicone, and sometimes when I look at her, I forget that she is not a real baby.
“My husband and children are totally supportive. They understand why this gave me a new lease of life.”
It has become a subculture in the subculture, and many wonderful works of art are displayed on the sale website.
Mrs. York next wanted to buy an Avatar doll and showed Lynn News the type of doll she wanted to make by hand.
She said: “You can customize them. They are handmade according to specifications. I like the movie “Avatar”. I think the reborn version is a perfect display of craftsmanship.”
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Post time: Jul-25-2021