ZIYIUI Handmade Soft Silicone 18 inch Reborn Baby Doll Girl Lifelike Blue Eyes Newborn Girl Toy Doll

ZIYIUI Handmade Soft Silicone 18 inch Reborn Baby Doll Girl Lifelike Blue Eyes Newborn Girl Toy Doll

  • Item Price:$49.5
      • The doll is handmade,will be some error in the size and weight.
      • Head,arms and legs:Soft Simulation Silicone Vinyl,Body:Cloth filled with cotton,very soft.
      • Product description: Cute and lifelike reborn doll.Made of high quality Soft Simulation Silicone Vinyl. Comfortable touch.Safe non-toxic, pure environmentally friendly materials.

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ZIYIUI reborn dolls so real baby dolls.
We are committed to keeping children’s hearts pure and letting every child in the world have a happy childhood, so we have created reborn dolls..
This reborn baby doll is a perfect doll art designed by an artist..
Baby is so cute, so beautiful At first sight you will fall in love with our beautiful reborn baby dolls. But hold on to your baby and you are sure to fall in love again, because these completely reborn dolls are also weighted so that they feel real in your arms.
Size:18Inch(45cm);Weight:about 1.2KG The doll looks so real with body silicone vinyl,it’s handmade ,will be some error in the size and weightThe head, 3/4 arms and 3/4 legs are made of soft silicone vinyl materials. The shoulder and the body are made of cloth with internal PP cotton padding. You will feel very good when you touch the baby doll. The limbs are mobile, the wrist can sit and lie down easily, but can not stand and talk.
Nails completely hand-drawn, reddening of the bed of nails and translucent nails, and even some nails of milky life one half of the shape of the moon. The warm, moist lips look natural and soft that you can not stop wanting to kiss.
The hair is mohair rooted by hand (fabric made from the real hair of the Angora goat). It can be washed. You can also make haircuts for a better style. If the hair is a little messy, use the special wig comb and take care of it gently.

You will receive:
1. Reborn doll * 1
2. Wrist clothes;
3. Magnetic Pacifier * 1 (random color);
4. Toy bottle * 1;
5. Certificate of authenticity * 1

I hope that this reborn doll will give you a good experience and share your feelings with us and with the people around you.

Certification: En71 EU standards, which is safe to you and your babies.
Scope of Application:baby toys,treated as a friend to accompany kids to growth together,a Photography Props model,a birthday gifts,Xmas gifts, Alzheimer?s Gifts, Grandpa and Grandma?s gifts,a baby doll for mother-to-be practical training,and a very precious treasure for toy collector,also for Nurturing play,Preschool Acitivity Toys,Indoor&Outdoor Playmate,and Role Playing Dolls

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