ZIYIUI Lifelike Reborn Baby Doll Soft Silicone Vinyl Baby Realistic Newborn Babies Dolls Real Baby Toddler Dolls

ZIYIUI Lifelike Reborn Baby Doll Soft Silicone Vinyl Baby Realistic Newborn Babies Dolls Real Baby Toddler Dolls

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      • Doll Size:22 inches
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  • The head, hands and feet are made of silicone. The body is made of cotton and filled with PP cotton, with a soft and comfortable texture. The body surface is washable. Limbs and heads are moveable. The doll is able to sit and lie down, but unable to stand or speak. The hair is made of high-quality mohair. Every single hair has been hand-embedded and can be washed and combed like a real human hair.
  • Eyes: Realistic acrylic eyes, double-fold eyelids with long lashes.The eyebrows are fully stretched. The eyes will not close when you lay the doll.
  • Mouth: The mouth is magnetic with Magnetic Pacifier & Bottle attached. The lips resemble those of a real baby – warm and well-moisturized, making it impossible for you to resist the wish to give them a kiss.
  • Skin: The skin is the most exquisite part of this doll. The designers spent a lot of time on the baby’s skin texture to ensure ultimate resemblance to real baby skin. The colors of the skin have been specially processed to prevent fading.
  • Clothes: Tailored to the size of the doll and to suit the unique personality of the doll. The clothes can be removed and cleaned. The doll is the same size as a real newborn baby, allowing you to dress it in any baby clothes as you wish. You can wash both the doll and its outfit, keeping it looking fresh at all times!




Description CARE&USE TIPS This is a perfect realistic doll art model designed.
Collectible,cute,vivid and lovely reborn doll. Material: gentle touch silicone vinyl and soft cloth body , 3/4 vinyl arms and 3/4 vinyl legs made of high quality Simulation Silicone vinyl.
Comfortable and real touch Do not throw this doll and never slap on a table.
Avoid using ink and markers near your dolls since they can be stained and permanently damaged. It is best to keep the doll out of direct sunlight and to dust it regularly.
Keep the doll in the protecting bag when storage. Please take care of the handmade rooted mohair. You can also make the hair cut for a better style. Just treat the doll as a real baby.
Please take care when touching the heads or removing the clothing. Toy Tested by SAFE ASTM F963 and EN71 for kids ages 3
1 X 20 inch Reborn Baby Doll
1 X Protecting bag
1 X Magnet Pacifier
1 X Nursing bottle
1 X Certificate of birth & authenticity full refund of the purchase price.
Your satisfaction is very important to us.

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