ZIYIUI Reborn Doll Boy 50cm 20 inch Lifelike Sleeping Boys Dolls Real Babies

ZIYIUI Reborn Doll Boy 50cm 20 inch Lifelike Sleeping Boys Dolls Real Babies

Item Price:$35

  • Doll size:The Reborn doll measures Approx 20 Inches (50 cm) from head to toe, and weights 3lb approximately
  • Material:The head, 3/4 arms and 3/4 legs are made of soft silicone vinyl materials. The shoulder and body are cloth body with internal filling PP cotton. You will feel very good when you touch the baby doll. The limbs are movable, the doll can sit and lay down easily, but CANNOT stand and speak. The body has no gender.
  • The hair is hand rooted mohair (fabric made from the real hair of the Angora goat). The hair can be any shape and fixed, just like a baby so real hair. It can be washed. You can also make hair cut for a better style. If the hair is a little messy, please use the special wig comb and take care of it gently.
  • Eyes:Sleeping doll, eyes can not open.
  • Safety:Dolls reach the EN71(Standard Specification for Toys in the European Union), please Rest assured to buy

  • Price: $35
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    • Features:
      Size: Approx. 20 ” Head to Toe
      Weight: Approximately 3 LBS
      Material: Soft Vinyl & Weighted Cloth Body for life-like feel
      Vinyl Arms – ¾ Length
      Vinyl Legs – ¾ Length
      Magnetic Dummy
      Eye closure
      Hair Color – Brown Rooted Mohair
      Magnetic Dummy
      Hand applied eyelashes
      Certificate of Authenticity
      1. 20 inches (50CM) handmade reborn doll,
      high quality soft vinyl Head and 3/4 limbs,
      feel very good.Because the body is a soft material that would ruin in water.
      But you can towel wash face, hands,
      and legs with light water and light soap.
      You can wear the baby new clothes you like.
      2.Padding:body filler for high-quality soft materials,
      the limbs are filled with soft material of high quality clean and
      environmentally friendly.
      3.It’s just a cute doll.
      Head moves side to side and turns but doesn’t move up and down,
      arms and legs can be moved up and down but not straightened or bent,
      and Arms and legs also turn at the body but the elbows and knees do not move.
      Please just treat her as you would a baby so real.
      Don’t throw her and never slap her on a table.
      They are dolls but they are valuable.
      Enjoy your doll.
      4.The baby doll does not cry or suck on a bottle or pacifier,
      but you can hold the bottle or pacifier to its mouth,
      even it does not stick into the mouth.
      There is no opening for a bottle but you can hold it like she’s
      5.What’s in the box: 20 Inch baby doll with clothes* 1,gift box*1

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